Meet Wick.


He’s the son the Dark Lord, heir to the throne of black and broken glass, and next in line to be the leader of the Grim World.


Too bad he’s stuck in remedial spell casting (he can barely even cast the fart-revealer spell), he’s allergic to fire and brimstone, and the bullies at school insist on calling him Dork Lord.


How can Wick fulfill to his great and terrible destiny if he can barely even survive Middle Ages School?




Meet the Author.


As a child and a teen, Michael Johnston was an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy. And when he wasn't reading, he was busy playing Dungeons and Dragons, which is basically still a lot of reading. He was the original Dork Lord, but was not yet ready to embrace that fate. Instead he studied architecture and ancient history and worked as an architect in New York City and Los Angeles, but he never gave up on his dream of writing a book about a young Dark Lord. Confessions of a Dork Lord is his first novel for children. He lives with his wife and daughter in Los Angeles.






January 20th, 2020

Launch Event in Los Angeles

More to Come!


Monday, January 27th 2020: St. Louis, MO

School visits with A Novel Neighbor


Tuesday, January 28th 2020: Houston, TX

School visits with Blue Willow Bookshop


Wednesday, January 29th 2020: Seattle, WA

School visits with University Bookstore


Thursday, January 30th 2020:  Oakland, CA (Greater SF)

School visits and possible in-store event with A Great Good Place for Books


Friday, January 31st 2020: Danville, CA (Greater SF)

School visits with Rakestraw Books


February 1st 2020: Los Angeles, CA

Launch Event at the Grove LA, panel discussion (TBD).






Learn what people are saying:


“Hilarious! Confessions of a Dork Lord is not to be missed! It is very rare to find a totally original book, stuffed with great characters wrapped in a thrilling storyline. Fantasy fans will love it. Non fantasy fans will be converted.”

–Eoin Colfer


"Frost-vomiting giants, dragons with literal dragon breath (phew!), and a toilet in the sky. I loved every stinky page and your kid will" too!!

—Melissa de la Cruz



"It’s not easy being bad. But this book will give you a head start."

—Pseudonymous Bosch










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